avatar: reckoning-Avatar Reckoning(BETA)

avatar: reckoning-Avatar Reckoning(BETA)
avatar: reckoning
Size:avatar: reckoning-Avatar Reckoning(BETA)

avatar: reckoning Avatar: Reckoning – a shooter with MMO elements, an open world and avatar customization. The player will have to undergo training at a special training ground, as well as undergo a plot in which the life of the Na’vi clan is revealed. Players will climb mountains, shoot a machine gun and attack the class. There are four classes to choose from: defender, Scout, Combat doctor and Engineer.——Uploaded by the user

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avatar: reckoning Avatar Reckoning(BETA)

  • Version: _ Size:995.0MB
  • Category:Action _ Publisher:Archosaur Games
  • Requirements:Android 5.0+ _ Publish Date:24/01/2022
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